Monday, June 8, 2015

Sewing Again

I love sewing. Making. Creating.

I wish sewing wasn't so labor intensive though. That's the main reason I stopped. It's not the most productive use of my time (in my present circumstances). I also wouldn't do it for free. 

Being a crisis counselor, on the other hand, is something I would gladly do for free. In fact, I started out as a volunteer at my current job and I'm halfway through six years of school because I really really really want to be a licensed therapist.

If anyone told me I would ever give up sewing, I would have laughed and said NEVER!! I've learned now though. After watching my best laid plans crumble time and again, I know to never say never  

Will Gbemisoke Couture ever come back? Perhaps... I'm learning to trust God, and not my plans for my future.


  1. Yes! Never say Never. We make decisions based on our limited view and dreams. God acts based on the big picture. One thing for sure, whatever our experience is in life, it is just a stroke of the brush of the picture God is making of us. This is a beautiful 'my-heart-is-all-yours' design.

    1. I love the picture analogy! Thank you!

  2. Yay!! I thought this was a fluke sha

  3. She is back ooo! Eku jo metaaaa!!!
    I envy and admire your tailoring skill.
    I wish I have such talent, like yours.
    I have also learnt not to say NEVER again, esp in this obodo oyibo we are in oo, because, one must dance to the beating of the drum.
    I am also going back to school to read what I said, I MBANU to before!
    It is well.

  4. Gbemisoke Couture will come back and stronger too.

    I sewed for a while but it became too hard to keep up with the weekend schedule vis a vis the day job and health complained but my heart still yearn for that day....again as I eye my machine and serger everyday.

    Our plans are always good but His plans are always better....the best, even.

    Never say never.

  5. HELLO! Saw your twitter moments back. Even though I have been inspired by your family in the past, please keep your children away from social media. Nobody likes to seea nother person happy when they are sad. Except the one is a christian, full of the Holy Spirit Who enables one to avoid sin, of the heart, etc.

    Your twitter is so inspiring. Makes me happy. Glory be to GOD. For example my dad just told my mum to be telling me to carry condoms in case of rape because the cases are increasing.

    But thank GOD, twitter posts like yours just are therapeutic. I have gained a lot from your perspective, humour, the goodness of GOD shown in your photos, simplicity, transparency, like that. It is rare to see transparent people any more.

    So, please if you can, please find a way to keep you and your family from evil eyes. DO NOT ENJOY PUBLICLY is a rule I like.

    Anyway, my Sis from another mother, please never change your transparency. It is beautiful. It is inspiring. And please know you have truly inspired me in so many ways. THANK YOU.


  6. The last anonymous. From Ogun State, Nigeria.

  7. Hello Gbemi,

    I squealed for joy when I saw this new post :-)

    You inspired me to learn to sew, I enjoy my DIY sewing projects and take pride in wearing my creations.

    I also write about the process and I agree with you, sewing is so labour-intensive, lol.

    Welcome back, God bless the works of your hands!

  8. So glad you are back into this hun.
    You are so talented and I can only hope you carry on. xxx


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